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FW Focus Productions is a creator of innovative public engagement documentaries. We are storytellers. We take an issue, wrap in complex and diverse viewpoints, condense the essential elements, and weave a compelling and informative story. This becomes a tool that puts a face on questions, concerns and ideas, and gets them across to a wide variety of audiences. We jumpstart the real story, which is what happens when the lights come back on.

Our documentaries provide a uniquely powerful communication device for many types of efforts. We bring together multiple visual and thematic elements that can make these pieces more effective than traditional forms of outreach and engagement. Our approach embraces high production values, emotional connection, and balanced narrative to create an outreach tool that:

- motivates the public to get involved in any process
- disseminates information in a more easily understandable format
- can take months off a public engagement process by focusing debate on the issues
- provides greater credibility to the campaign by presenting a balanced view
- engages public and stakeholder goodwill throughout multiple phases of a project

Public engagement documentaries can be any length, from 30 seconds to two hours.